If you are interested in applying for a grant please fill out the following information so we can determine if you meet our requirements.


All grant requests submitted by or on behalf of South Pointe Hospital (SPH), the Cleveland Clinic, or any hospitals or health facilities within the Cleveland Clinic Health System must follow South Pointe Hospital’s internal grant application process and procedures and cannot be submitted directly to the Brentwood Foundation. To obtain information about South Pointe Hospitals grant application process and procedures, contact the Development Director at South Pointe Hospital at (216) 491-7234.

Grant requests from South Pointe Hospital or the Cleveland Clinic Health System that do not follow South Pointe’s internal grant application process will not be reviewed by the Foundation for funding consideration.


The Board of Trustees meets twice a year to consider grant requests - June and November. Requests submission dates for consideration at these meetings include the following:

Application Deadlines:
- April 1st & September 1st
Board Meetings:
- June & November

All requests to the Brentwood Foundation should either be mailed to the following address or emailed:

The Brentwood Foundation
30799 Pinetree Road #274
Cleveland, OH 441241
Email: Brentwood Foundation

All applications must reach the Foundation no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. If deadline date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the following Monday will be considered the deadline date.


We ask that you submit a Grant Inquiry before applying for a grant to ensure that you fulfill the basic requirements of the Brentwood Foundation.

View PDF of Grant Cover Sheet

The Foundation has no set form of application. However, the information should be provided in the following order:

1. Cover Letter, not to exceed one page
- A brief description of the organization
- A brief description of the proposed program
- A brief statement on the impact the proposed program will have on your organization
- The total program budget, and amount and length of time of request
- How funds will be expended if grant is made
- Indicated support from the Board Chair and Executive Director
- Signature of both the Board Chair/President and Executive Director

2. A proposal abstract, not to exceed two pages
- Brief overview of the organization
- A brief summary of the proposed program/project
- How proposed program/project will assist the Foundation in implementing its mission and goals
- Total program budget, amount and length of time of funding request, organizational support (financial and in-kind) and other committed and/or anticipated funding support
- A list of goals and objectives of proposed program
- A brief description about the method for administering the proposed program
- A brief description about the method for evaluating proposed program
- A brief statement about post-grant plans and funding for proposed program
- Name and phone number of the project director or contact person

3. A full proposal, not to exceed eight pages:
- Organizational background, including mission and goals
- Background information about the need(s) to be addressed
- A detailed description of the intent of the proposed program
- A detailed list of the program goals and objectives
- Activities needed to be undertaken to accomplish program goals and objectives and a detailed timeline for implementing and completing these activities
- Detailed discussion about how program will enhance osteopathic medical education and the mission of the foundation
- Detailed discussion of post grant plans for the proposed program, including how it will be financed after Foundation funding is depleted
- Criteria that will be utilized for evaluating the program
- Completion and submission of a detailed, line-item budget of revenue and expenditures associated with the proposed program (budget forms located on Foundation Web-site)
4. Attachments
- List of Board of Trustees
- A copy of your organization's tax-exempt letter from the IRS
- A copy of your most recent annual report
- A copy of the most current audited financial statement
- Program Budget
- Certification of your Public Charity Status (eg. 990-PF)


The Foundation awards monetary grants to Federally qualified tax exempt organizations.

No grants will be made directly to individuals.

The Foundation strongly favors grant requests for specific projects over those requesting general operating support or capital.

The Foundation's geographic focus is the state of Ohio, in particular Northeast Ohio, however, the Foundation will consider funding requestes outsied of Ohio if they directly impact Ohio or Northeast Ohio.

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